Alexis’ propaganda analysis



    • The ideology of the anti-abortion campaign is that all fetuses have a right to life. Whether the mother wants to keep the baby or not, there are other options besides aborting it. There are many families looking to adopt, who would be overjoyed to care for your baby. Abortion is a painful process, for both the mother and the fetus. Those against abortion often refer to the process as “murder,” and argue that the fetuses have rights, too. The purpose of the campaign is to both reflect and reshape people’s opinions. The campaign reflects the beliefs of those who are already against abortions. They believe it is wrong and that they should be illegal. The campaign attempts to reshape the beliefs of those who are pro-choice. These people believe women have the right to choose what happens in their own bodies and that abortion is not a bad act.
    • Abortion is a very “hot” topic today, and people are often 100% on one side or the other. There are not many people that are on the fence about abortion. This leads to many disagreements and the rise of these campaigns, in order to get more supporters on their side. This subject is so meaningful to some, that it could change who they want to be elected president. Donald Trump is pro-life, while Hillary Clinton is pro-choice. Those in the anti-abortion campaign could ultimately vote for Trump for this reason alone. Also, religion plays a lot into this topic as well. Many people believe God has an ultimate plan and they are to follow it. Those that fall into this category are not likely to support abortions, as they believe it is going against God’s will.
    • The creator of this movement is called the National Right to Life. They are America’s oldest and largest pro-life organization and have been around since 1968. Their website has an educational section where people can gain knowledge about abortion. They also have a portion where you can learn how to take action against abortion. Another propagandist of this movement would be those involved with adoptions, such as America’s Adoption Agency. They are against abortions because they work with loving families that are looking for babies to bring into their homes.
    • The main goal of this organization is to ultimately stop abortions. They believe all fetuses have a right to life, and since they are unable to defend themselves, the National Right to Life tries to do it for them. These people work towards either having women keep their babies, or giving them up for adoption. In either of those scenarios, the fetus is given a chance at life. This campaign believes that the rights of the baby are just as important as the mother’s. The NRL wishes to have laws put into place that make abortion a crime in order to protect fetuses.
    • The target audience for this campaign is going to be those who are pro-choice or those who are uneducated about the issue. They hope that with the help of these posters, they can change people from being for abortions to being against them. Those uneducated could include many different types of people. I believe they want to get the word out to the women who accidentally got pregnant and are unsure what to do about the situation. Making them aware of the truths about abortion could swing them into choosing a different path. About a quarter of teenage pregnancies end in an abortion. If they reach out to these teenagers, they could possibly save a huge amount of babies and instead give them to loving homes. Doing this, it would benefit everyone. The mother does not have to go through the pain of having an unnecessary, risky procedure. The baby gets a chance at life, where if the mother was uninformed and had an abortion, it would not have had. Also, a couple is blessed and gets to bring a new member into their family.
    • This campaign uses many different types of medium to get their point across. I have seen antiabortion commercials quite often and also ads on the internet. There are countless posters on the internet that support the pro life movement. The NRL and those that support the campaign often are seen at clinics protesting. They create signs similar to the ones found on the internet and preach their beliefs. I have even heard of some protesters standing in front of the clinic’s doors in effort to turn pregnant women away.
    • The main techniques this campaign uses are scare tactics and trying to make one feel guilty. During the course of completing this post, many of the websites I have been to have had abortion statistics all around. They write things such as how many women regret their abortion, how many families are looking to adopt, how many complications one could face during the procedure, and how painful abortions are. According to Abortion Risks, “The leading causes of abortion related maternal deaths within a week of the surgery are hemorrhage, infection, embolism, anesthesia, and undiagnosed ectopic pregnancies. Legal abortion is reported as the fifth leading cause of maternal death in the United States, though in fact it is recognized that most abortion-related deaths are not officially reported as such.” However, the procedure related risks are not the only thing women have to worry about. There is a very high depression rate in women after having an abortion. Some cases are so bad that they even end in suicide attempts. One of the posters I chose says, “A person is a person, no matter how small.” This message is trying to get you to feel guilty about wanting an abortion, and hopefully leading you to view your fetus as a human being instead of a group of cells. Many of the posters have red on them, signifying blood. An abortion is not an easy process, and it is said to be very painful. Another one of the posters I chose has a baby being sucked into a bottle in front of various abortion statistics. It says, “The suction tears the baby into small parts which are sucked through a tube into a bottle.” I believe this conveys a very powerful message and should make people view abortion as a horrific process. As the language of the posters go, they are sure to use terms such as “murder” and “killing” to emphasize the fact that a woman is ultimately ending her fetus’ chance to live.
    • I believe the audience’s reaction to these posters are filled with emotion. Those who are pro-choice may feel angry towards them, as they feel women have the right to do what they wish with their bodies. They do not care about the other options, such as adoption, since women have the right to choose. They view an unborn baby as a cluster of cells, not a living thing. Those who are pro-life could feel angry too, but also sadness and horrified. They feel very strongly that a fetus is a human too, that also has rights of its own. They look at the families that may not be physically able to have children, that would do everything they could for the baby you just aborted. They see how the abortion process works and are utterly disgusted that a woman would do that to a fetus, let alone herself. The creator of these posters follow ethos, pathos, and logos. For ethos, the propagandist is trying to make the posters look credible and appear to be something the viewers can trust. For pathos, the creator is looking to hit your emotions and make you feel upset. Finally, for logos, they are showing proof and logic with the different statistics.
  • COUNTER-PROPAGANDAtumblr_louqj5ibcC1qk48q1o1_500.png
    • Ideology
      • Those for abortions believe that women have the right to make their own decisions regarding their bodies. They believe that women should have access to clinics that can do the process safely and sanitary. Pro-choice campaigns argue that women are going to find a way to abort a fetus one way or another, so it is better to have legal places for them to do it in. They focus on the woman, instead of the fetus inside of her. This view reinforces ideologies for those who are pro-choice, but also tries to reshape for those who are pro-life.
    • Context
      • The context for the counter propaganda is very similar to the propaganda. Abortion is a controversial topic that causes many arguments between individuals. There is no way to make both groups happy, as one side wants abortion to be illegal, while the other wants it completely legalized.
    • Propagandist
      • There are many groups that work to get their side of the issue out. One of the biggest campaigns is called Pro-Choice America, which emphasizes on the fact that women have a choice. They explain what having a choice means, lists what they are currently working on, and gives you multiple ways to get involved. Like I said, there are many groups working to do the same thing, such as Protect Choice and Abortion Rights.
    • Structure
      • The main goal of this organization is to give women the choice to receive an abortion and for them to have a safe place to receive one. Groups like Pro-Choice America and the others listed above work to ensure that women have control over their own bodies and that their needs are put before their unborn baby.
    • Target Audience
      • The target audience is very similar to the pro-life movement’s. Those part of the pro-choice movement are trying to reach out to women and those who support their campaign. They want women to listen to their side in case they ever have an unwanted pregnancy. They target teenage girls in particular since they are the ones most likely to get abortions. Also, this campaign is likely to target rape victims, as women usually do not want to have babies that come as a result from assault.
    • Media Utilization Techniques
      • I have seen some posters and websites on pro-choice, however, I do not see them very regularly. The pro-life campaign utilizes the media a great deal more than the opposing side. I believe those who are against abortions are more emotionally invested into the issue and have stronger feelings about the topic.
    • Audience reaction
      • I believe that seeing these ads make people, whatever side they’re on, feel stronger about their beliefs. Pro-choice believers are still going to feel that women should have a say. Pro-life believers are going to push harder for women to think more about the baby than themselves.
    • The pro-life movement’s main goal has not been achieved yet. However, they are making small strides in order to reach that overall goal. Huge changes do not happen overnight. As time has passed, the overall abortion rate has indeed declined. The movement has also promoted new laws against abortion within our country. According to the Associated Press, “Abortions have declined in states where new laws make it harder to have them – but they’ve also waned in states where abortion rights are protected. Nearly everywhere, in red states and blue, abortions are down since 2010.”
    • As they have not reached their long term goal, they have achieved a few of their short term goals, which set them up for the future. I believe that this campaign argues a good point and will continue to be successful in the future.
    • As they could be viewed in either way, I believe these ads are persuasion rather than propaganda. The creators are looking to share the facts of abortion and make others aware of the alternate options. They are hoping to make individuals adopt a certain thought, without using any exaggerating or use of false statements. The leaders of this movement are not trying to misguide anyone, but instead try to enlighten others of the truths of the procedure.


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