Peter’s Propaganda Analysis

Anti-Gun Control

The Ideology and Purpose of the Campaign

The Ideology of the Anti-Gun Control Campaign is that all American citizens should have the right to be able to own/carry a firearm to protect themselves or their family. Under the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Under this Amendment the American citizen is allowed to protect themselves from foreign and domestic violence.

The Purpose of this campaign is to both reflect and and reshape people’s opinions. There are people that are for gun control and those who are against it. For those that are already for Anti-Gun Control would just be reinforcing their beliefs. People who are Anti-Gun believe that the person is at fault for major shooting accidents. For those that are against or “Pro-Gun Control”, would be trying to reshape their beliefs and ideas on the topic. People who are Pro-Gun Control believe that the gun is the reason behind major shooting accidents. Also, believe that stricter gun control laws could regulate the crime rate in the country.

The Context in which the Propaganda Occurs

The issue surrounding this campaign is already an extreme topic. In today’s society it is getting more and more dangerous to even leave the house to go to the grocery store that is just down the block. Because of this people are starting to take action into their own hands by having some kind of protection on them. With all of the school shootings, mass terrorists acts, or even actions done by those with mental disabilities, the need for self defense is high. In the school setting, teachers are one of the biggest concerns to be able to carry a gun. In the case of a shooting the teachers are the first line of defense to protect the students. Schools today are gun free zones so attackers know that they have nothing against them when they go into the school. However, if teachers become allowed to have a concealed weapon, weather it be left in a purse or in a desk with a secure safety on, then there would be no issue when it comes to defending their students or the school when it comes to an attack.

Identification of the Propagandist

The group that is behind this movement is called the National Rifle Association, better known as the “NRA”. The NRA was created in 1871 and the primary goal of the association was to promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis. The NRA continues to be the nations leader in firearm education by offering classes and in their published magazine articles where they promote Anti-Gun Control along with keeping the people up to date on any legislation or gun bills that are happening at that current time. They have memberships where citizens are allowed to become a part of the organization. While participating in the organization, not only do they promote the safety of gun use, and writing to their local Congressman, but they also promote and protect the 2nd Amendment right that allows us as a United States citizen the right to bear arms.


The Structure of the Propaganda Organization

The main goal of the NRA is to promote the use of rifles while protecting the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. The NRA, however, has another movement, The NRA-ILA. This is known as the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislation Action. The goal of this group is the same as the NRA, but instead they take to the Legislation in trying to make gun right

The Target Audience

The target audience for this campaign are the citizens of the United States. Whether these citizens are Pro-Gun Control or Anti-Gun Control, the campaign is trying to reach out to the head of families and individuals so that they are able to protect themselves and their families in the case of an armed attack or assault. Along with these individuals they are also targeting the Congress. Congressmen are able to promote and pass bills based on these issues to make it possible for people to legally carry a concealed weapon on them in public.

Media Utilization Techniques

This campaign uses different types of styles and  techniques to get their ideas out to the people. Many of the ads that I have seen have been pop ups on the internet, commercials on the television that are sponsored by the NRA. I have also seen billboards along the highway and yard signs in peoples yards that show that they are members of the NRA and are trying to express the idea of Anti-Gun Control. One of the advertisements that I have seen is shown below. This was an ad I saw on the Internet that did not need words to get its point across. It is a gun on top of a folded American flag on top of the Constitution of the United States. All it is really saying that as an American citizen it is your right under the Constitution to own a gun. They are wanting you to practice your rights in doing so and to defend yourself in the case of some kind of attack.


Special Techniques to Maximize Effect

Some different type of techniques are used in these advertisement’s to make an effect on the people who they are reaching out to. For example, a commercial I had recently  seen (as shown above) was sponsored by the NRA and was shown publicly before this years election. Senator Clinton was running for President as a Democratic candidate and her belief was that the country needed stricter gun control regulations. In the commercial a woman was at her home alone when someone had broken in. She was in her bedroom and went to call 911 but the average response time is eleven minutes. The lady then went for her gun in the safe, but the gun disappears when the narrator said “But Hillary Clinton can take away her right to self-defense.” The effect this ad was trying to make was that if Senator Clinton were to get elected President gun control laws would  be put into effect and could take away a persons right to defend theirselves or their family. With those laws in place, a person could be left stranded in their home with an intruder and have no way to escape or protect themselves if the intruder were to attack them. So in a sense this advertisement uses a scare tactic for what is to come if this were to become the outcome of the election. To protect their 2nd Amendment right they would have to use their right to the 1st Amendment to do so.

Audience Reaction to Various Techniques

I believe that the audience’s reaction to this type of propaganda is very patriotic. I say patriotic in the sense that citizens of the United States love their country. Not just the country, but the people who serve to protect our freedoms and our country from foreign and domestic terrorist. If it weren’t for  our 2nd Amendment Right our country would be vulnerable to attack by anybody foreign or domestic. Citizens also voice their opinion (1st Amendment Right) to their local Congressmen when certain issues on gun rights pop up. The various techniques used in these advertisements or propaganda posters instill a sense of urgency as well in the citizen because they are promoting a campaign that people should exercise their right to defend theirselves and their families in the case of an attack or intrusion. However, in terms of someone who is Pro-Gun Control could cause them to feel upset, mad, or even scared. They might feel that the use of these propaganda ads and commercials are trying to intrigue people to go out and buy gun, which may cause people to commit a mass shooting.

Counter Propaganda, if present


Pro-Gun Control

The Ideology and Purpose of the Campaign

The ideology of this campaign is that guns are the reasons for the violence that happens in this country. They believe that guns are the reasons behind all of the mass murders and school shootings that have happened in recent past. By taking away guns and making gun regulations they believe that there is a lesser chance of mass shootings happening since no one would be allowed to have a gun. The purpose of this campaign is the same as the Anti-Gun Control campaign which is to reflect their beliefs and reshape them as well.

The Context in which the Propaganda Occurs

The context for counter propaganda is similar to propaganda. Gun control is a big topic in today’s society with all of the gun crimes that have happened as of recently. On one side you have the people who are Pro-Gun Control and the other are Anti-Gun Control. Neither group will find common ground as they both are fighting for the opposite beliefs of one another.

Identification of the Propagandist

One of the main groups of propagandist for this campaign is “States United to Prevent Gun Violence.” They posted a video about a child who was scared of the monster in a closet and goes in to find the monster. The monster turns out to be a revolver and the child shoots himself. They are trying to get the point across that we should not have guns, but if we do that we must know how to properly handle one.

The Structure of the Propaganda Organization

The structure of this campaign is similar to the one about Anti-Gun Control because many groups are coming together trying to reach the same goal. The goals may be different from one another in the sense that one wants the citizen to be able to have guns where as the other group wants a regulation on guns owned by the people. To achieve either ones goals, they are creating legislation, reaching out to the public, and educating people with facts and gun safety.

The Target Audience

The target audience for this campaign are the people particularly in favor for Pro-Gun Control. They are trying to target anybody they can, but more the younger generation believing that this generation has a voice that can make this change in the country. They are also targeting Congressmen that make and vote on the laws to promote the new gun regulations that would be set in place.

Media Utilization Techniques

Some of the techniques that I have seen used are mostly like the ones below. I have not seen any commercials on TV about the topic except for Anti-Gun Control. All of the media used for Pro-Gun Control are posters, news articles, or pop-ups on the internet.


Special Technique to Maximize Effort

I believe that the campaign uses numbers and scare tactics to get their point across to people. I say numbers in the sense that they use the number of deaths in the United States that are caused by the use of guns to show why gun laws should be regulated to decrease the number of deaths. Scare tactics are used to get the point across that the gun is the main reason behind gun crimes every year. It doesn’t matter who the person is, it can be anybody, but the gun is what is the main problem of the situation and taking this away will reduce the crime rate.

Audience Reaction to Various Techniques

I believe that the reaction the audience has with these techniques are scared. This is opposite of the audience for Anti-Gun Control. I say scared because these people do not want anything to deal with guns. They believe by taking away guns then they are getting rid of most of the problems the country has with crime.  Unfortunately, this is not the case. For example, Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country , but yet they still have the highest gun crime rates in the country. It is understandable to see why they are scared because of all the violence that pertains around the use of guns, but taking them away will not make the world safe.

Effects and Evaluation

The Anti-Gun Control movement has not reached their main goal yet. However, they have made a huge impact on the citizens of the United States and more people have gone out and gotten their Concealed and Carry License, CCL, to protect themselves in public. It has not become a law that everyone must carry a gun on them, but the people of the NRA have been writing to the Legislation and Congressmen about being in the  works to pass a bill to allow everyone the right to publicly carry a gun on them. Since time has moved on it almost seems as if the voice of the Pro-Gun Control activists have been hushed. They are falling back from the progress they had made to put gun regulation laws into effect. Although, it seems like I argued more for the Anti-Gun Control movement I understand where the people of the Pro-Gun Control movement are coming from. I think that as a citizen we have the right to our 2nd Amendment, but also understand what Pro-Gun Control people think. I believe that stricter regulations should be enforced when it comes to buying a gun. Not everyone should be allowed to have one based on their passed. Background checks should be made, along with records of criminals, and mental issues should be checked on a person before allowing one to buy and own a gun. I believe that this is one way to help protect us if Anti-Gun Control regulations are to be made. Both movements I believe can be viewed in either way. I thought a lot of it was propaganda, but after doing more research it is more persuasion. The creators of both ads are trying to persuade their audience  of why one should buy a gun versus the stats on deaths in the country caused by gun crimes. They both hope that the people will accept ones thought and make them try to persuade others on the same topic.

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