Tyler’s Propaganda Analysis

    • The ideology of the gay rights campaign seeks to ensure rights for unmarried and married homosexual relationships. The people who are advocates for this campaign are firm believers that these relationships should not be hidden away from the larger society as well as should not be considered “taboo” by our society. They want to make sure that all parties are treated fairly and equally as to make sure that people in our society do not allow for unfair discrimination. They argue that “love is love” and nobody has the right to tell someone else whom they should and should not love. Most strait couple do not like to b told who they should marry, therefore, why would a homosexual person want to be any different?
    • Homosexuality and gay rights is a topic that our society struggles with and talks about with great frequency. Although there are some people who do not really care about this issue the majority of people in our society either agree that it is acceptable to live this lifestyle or that it is not acceptable to partake in this way of life. I have a friend who chose Hilary Clinton to vote for in the presidential election because of her stance on this topic. She could not decide who would be better for president, but then decided to vote for Clinton simply because of her view points on this topic.
    • The organization that is the creator of this campaign is the Human Rights Campaign. This organization has been around for many years and has more than 1.5 million members nationwide. It is the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer civil rights organization. They seek to establish a safe place for these individuals in society, and to create a place of mutual respect and dignity between this group of people and other in society.
    • The main goal of this organization is to ultimately ensure that all humans have the same rights in relation to the types of relationships in which they desire. The people who dedicate their lives to this organization strive to make sure that people of a different persuasion (sexual persuasion) have the same rights as someone who has a “normal” persuasion. The HRC strives to change people’s opinions about this topic, and to further education about the LGBTQ community since the supreme court has already made it legal for homosexuals to get married.
    • There are many different target audiences that ca been be represented through these posters. For example, one of the pictures is of a comic book cover. So the target audience would be the younger population. The younger population may or may not have made a decision on whether they agree with homosexuality or not. This type of media could be used to influence the minds of the younger generation to the idea that homosexuality is acceptable and is a natural way of life for some people. Another target audience would be the general public. Appealing to the emotions of individuals the poster states that “the U.S. Needs US equal” and “Gay marriage for a strong America.” This poster basically states that there is a positive correlation between treating everyone equally and the health of out nation. Therefore, people should treat homosexuals with the same respect and decency that they so desire. Why wouldn’t we want our nation to be strong? This poster also highlights pride in our country, therefore, targeting people who have extreme patriotic feelings. Last the older looking poster targets the older generation because this poster is an altered version of the original, and is now changed to to be about gay rights. The older style of the poster pulls in the elderly generation, and makes them think about what they believe.
    • The style of the posters is a large part of how the propagandist tries to reach people. One of the covers is a comic book cover and is meant to reach the younger generation. The second poster is to reach the American people in such a way that promotes pride and strength in our country. This is done by the words used, the colors (red, white, and blue), and the silhouette of Uncle Sam. Finally, the older style of the last poster helps to draw in the elderly generation by evoking a feeling of nostalgia while also throwing in other symbols representative of the LGBTQ community.
    • Many techniques were considered when deciding whether or not the poster would be effective in promoting the homosexual agenda. This can be by the the use of the comic book cover being used to promote homosexual marriage to the younger generation. This is considered special because this was the first time that the company “MARVEL” had promoted this lifestyle. There could be more than one reason for why this is included in the comic book art and literature. First it could be included because the company wants to share their personal believes about this topic. On the other hand the company may just want to generate more sales by putting this topic front and center.
    • Another technique that can bee seen in these posters is that there are role models to our children who are gay. The two hockey players who are both male and romantically involved seem to be big names in the world of hockey. These two men are figures to which younger people look up to, and the HRC can use them to help promote there idea of marriage equality. If people in a position, such as these two players, are gay, then why wouldn’t this action be acceptable?
    • Using an older poster and changing it to fit a new topic is extremely well thought out because it draws in an older population to ideas of current discussion.
    • I think different audiences will react differently to the the different styles presented. For example, a child who is reading the comic book will more than likely not completely understand why two men are kissing on the cover of their comic book and are more than likely to just let it go and accept this thing that they do not fully understand. As for the parents of the this child, they may not react completely different because they do not agree with homosexuality or the lifestyle that is associated with homosexuals. They could react in such a way by taking the book away and throwing it away.
    • The poster of the two hockey players states that the picture of the two guys kissing could potentially be shocking to someone. I am sure that there is someone out there who found this picture offense to some degree. Some will become angry and some will be neutral and some will be completely ok with this picture.
  • anti_b028c9_2856691
    • Ideology
      • The ideology is that people who are homosexuals are fowl perversions of creation and that their “disease” can spread to heterosexuals if one lets them become too close.
    • Context
      • The context of this poster seems to be coming from a church goers background. In the church homosexuality is a sin and therefore something that keeps you from being in close relationship with God. In the church it is a topic that most do not discuss because of its awkward connotation, but when it is talked about it is with contempt.
    • Identification of Propagandist
      • The propagandist in this propaganda is the church. The church says that if you engage in this you will become far from Christ, therefore you will go to hell.
    • Structure of Organization
      • The organization was difficult to find because the website stated in the bottom left corner of the picture does not come up in a website search. When I searched for it, it came up as a pornography site.
    • Target Audience
      • the target audience would be the church going people. The goal of reaching this audience would be to our them away from homosexual individuals because of the belief that they are dirty and will taint ones soul/relationship with Christ if around the lifestyle a lot.
    • Media Utilization
      • The way that this organization has decided to show their opinion is done by making a comparison between throwing up putrid vomit and comparing it to the lifestyle of the homosexuals. Making it out that homosexuals are disgusting human beings rather than normal humans just like everyone else.
    • Audience Reaction
      • The reaction of the audience would have to have been shocking. because it basically is saying that these individuals are as disgusting as vomit and that just as vomit spreads disease so will their lifestyle. This is outrageous, no one in their right mind would actually think this is true. The audience (myself included) must have thought that this comparison was down right wrong, whether they agree with homosexuality of not
    • The main goal of the HRC has been met in the sense that homosexual marriage is now legal in the United States, but it has not been completely met (more than lovely never will be met) because they  can not effectively change the minds of everyone who disagrees with them.
    • Although I do not agree with this campaign I can see that they have good points and could be very successful in the future with spending their message to the rest of the world in an effort to make all people equal.
    • I believe that some of these ads are propaganda and some are not. For example the comic book could be propaganda because they are seeking to make money of  the fact that they are adding a new level to their comics that wil make people want to buy their product. In a sense they are profiting from promoting the homosexual lifestyle. On the other hand the the hockey players would probably just be persuasion, because it is seeking to show people the errors of their way of thinking.

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