Kelsey’s Breakup 3.0


During the Breakup 2.0 by Ilana Greshon, many of the social medias have changed and are out of date compared to the social medias that people are using now. Snapchat is a meida that is used by many teenagers and young adults. The design of Snapchat has changed and affected the way people communicate while beginning relationships, during relationships, or ending relationships. According to Bloomberg, Snapchat has 160 million users per day, which has passed the 140 million users of Twitter per day. Snapchat has grown and will continue to grow to be how the majority of teenagers and young adults communicate throughout the world.

Media Ideology

I had a conversation with Tara who brought up a very good point. She claims “Snapchat is the first step to talking to someone, not going on a date or texting” and this is a common trend that I have noticed in many of my conversations. Many have said they are more likely to send a snap to someone rather than texting them because texting can be awkward and challenging in order to keep the conversation flowing. On Snapchat, one can send random pictures and phrases, while still communicating with someone. This directly relates to the media ideology of Snapchat. The purpose of Snapchat is to have informal exchanges of pictures or brief messages, while still having a personal connection. Snapchat is informal because the messages disappear once they are opened and the pictures or videos sent only can last up to ten seconds long. Tonya told me that “a person can not have a meaningful conversation, because it is not the proper place to say your feelings.” She then explained how this is difficult when first beginning to talk to someone because this is the chosen way to communicate so nothing is very serious during these conversations.

Idioms of Practice

Idioms of practice vary for the Snapchat user because mainly the younger generation is on Snapchat and only want to add friends or people they are interested in talking to. For example, one will not add their boss, coach, or professor on Snapchat usually because that is not the proper way to communicate due to it being informal and more personal. This is the media of choice by many people that are in relationships or beginning to talk. It is not socially acceptable to add people on Snapchat that one does not know either. A trend that is seen often is on Instagram one will post a story for all of their followers to see of their Snapchat name. However, it is considered “weird” to add that person on Snapchat if one does not communicate with them frequently or know them personally. Also, a lot of young adults will refuse to add their parents or grandparents on Snapchat because they are afraid to get in trouble or lectured by their parents for what they post on their story. Due to this many of the older generation adults do not even download Snapchat because they have no one to snap.

Structure of the Medium

Snapchat has a unique structure of the medium, due to the limit of how much is seen by others.  One person could send a snap to one person or twelve people, but the receiver of that message would have no idea it was a mass snap. This can cause issues because some people believe they are having a personal or intimate connection through Snapchat, but the other person is grouping that person with others and thinking there is no level of intimacy. My friend Chad told me about a time when he thought he was just friends with a few girls that he would Snapchat frequently. One day one of the girls decided to message him through Snapchat and ask why they have not gone out on dates yet or why don’t they Facetime soon. chad was completly thrown off because all he had intentions of was occassionally sending Snapchats that were humourous to these girls. He then realized if this one girl feels this way then some of the others have to be thinking similar thoughts. The structure of Snapchat can lead to many misperceptions because so many people view a three second snap as a joke.This structure of only sending a snap for a few seconds before it dissappears also affects the types of conversations that are had on the media. There most likely will never be a completly serious conversation through snapping because some people will forget what was said or they will never answer in the first place. Snapchat is an app where if someone snaps you, it is acceptable to open it and not answer them. The structure of Snapchat allows individuals to find out if a person is ignoring their texts or just not near their phone. My friend Heather said that she will snap someone to see if they open it or not and then she knows if they are ignoring her texts. This action can cause many issues in relationships because if someone is being ignored and they know it then they will begin to question their relationship or confront the person they are beign ignored by. Snapchat is used so differently compared to any other app because I and other people will snap 10-15 different people during the day, but probably only text 2-3 of those people that they are snapping. This is due to how Snapchat is structured since it is easier and considered normal to snapchat someone multiple times versus how it is not normal to text someone all day long or multiple times at once.


Remediation on Snapchat has always been present, but it is now a combination of many different social medias. When Snapchat first came out all one person could do is send pictures that were up to ten seconds long. They began combining different medias by adding private messaging to Snapchat and they have recently added the ability to call or videochat someone on Snapchat. While, many people are familiar with how to use this on other medias, it is not something they tend to use while on Snapchat because it is not considered normal. “When my Snapchat begins ringing I look at my phone confused and ignore the call because I would rather just Facetime through the iPhone, not on Snapchat,” Tonya told me. The purpose of Snapchat is not to call or videochat with someone so anyone that is new or a non-frequent user to this media, thinks that it is okay to do one of these actions. The frequent users are confused as to why someone would think that is why Snapchat is used.

Second-Order Information

Second-order information is something that is seen frequently on Snapchat. A lot of times someone will post information on their story or a picture of something that has meaning, but due to the structure all the details will not be given. For example, someone will post a picture of flowers, but not say who they are from or what they are for. Flowers could be given for a number of reasons, like surgery, illness, as a nice gesture by a boy, or by ones parents. However, when the post is just of flowers that leaves many questions and room for interpretation. This is a broad example, but the interpretation that is left from stories can result in many issues when in a relationship, mid break up or post break up. After a break up if the girl/guy posts a lot of stories of them with other girls/guys then it is done on purpose for their recent ex to see. However, they are leaving out a lot of information like if it is just a friend, classmate, or someone that thye are actually interested in. They post this because they are trying to make their ex jealous, but not give them all the information about what is happening in their life.



Above is an image of a poll I ran on Twitter asking what media causes the most breakups, between Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. Snapchat won with 89% and Instagram came in second with 9% and then Twitter with only 2%. That being said it is most common that Snapchat is the reason for breakups. This causes the most break ups because it is the most private media. It only becomes public when someone takes a screenshot and shares the snap or someone posts videos or pictures to their story for all friends to see. Jessica gave me an example of how when her boyfriend posts a video to his story “she listens to the sound of the video to see if she can hear any female voices in the background.” Due to the story he posted being public anyone that follows him can interpret what he is doing, which in some relationships is where the problems arise. There used to be a feature on Snapchat that allowed one to see who was everyones top three friends. This caused the most break-ups because the boyfriend/girlfriend would question their significant other about who that girl/boy is in their top friends, why is she/he in there, or why am I not your number one friend. Due to posting stories for friends to see a lot of couples will post many stories of them doing cute things or going on dates acting happy, but these are usually the couples that are struggling the most. They post their relationship to a media in order for everyone to see and gain confirmation that they are happy with each other.A girl I follow on Twitter posted this tweet the other day that is very relatable to this philoshpy and trend.


Jessica also said that “once someone is broken up they tend to post more in order to show they are fine and receive the attention from others.” This type of behavior of posting more to the story is because it indirectly commuicates to the ex. For example, if Billy broke up with Hannah, then Hannah will post more to her story just so she can see if Billy viewed what she was doing. If he did then to Hannah that means that Bily still cares what she is up to. This type of behvaior occurs because of the abiltiy to post a sotry that is considered public to all friends on Snapchat. If this was not a feature then Hannah would have to send Billy a private snap directly to him which makes her look desperate.

An example of someone posting a lot to their story after a break up is Calvin Harris after he and Taylor Swift broke up.

According to This is Insider, “Harris has been keeping busy this week surrounded by women in Mexico.rs_634x1128-160629070440-img_1883.calvin-harris.jpg

And he’s posting it on Snapchat to make sure you know he isn’t sitting home crying into a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s.” The above picture is the image of him with many females and it is intreperated by the public, due to a screenshot, that he is making sure everyone knows he is not upset and doing just fine. My friends have continued to believe that social medias, like Snapchat, give a skewed view of someones life, they only post the fun times to show off for others to see, not the bad times.” According to Bustle one of the biggest post break up behaviors to avoid is posting too many items to your snap story frequently.

Snapchat is not the place where people go to break up on, but it is the reason that most people break up. Snapchat has the ability to be very private and sneaky. A lot of times boys will sneak behind their girlfriends back by snapping multiple others girls, but the girlfriend will never find out because the guy will temperarily delete that girl from his best friends list. There is an example on micnetwork that is similar to what i described as above and the female Robin was talking about how she was snapping others behind her boyfreinds back, she described this action as “harmless because it was not anything physical ever.” Even though it is not physical it ended up causing many issues in the relationship. The jealousy that is caused over Snapchat is another reason for relationships to end because it is just an evil game of who can make the other more jealous by taking pictures of or with people that the other person does not trust. Many issues in relationships arise from this and most people will never text. They will only snap throughout their day leaving them no more important than everyone else.




This Is How Snapchat Is Ruining Your Relationships With People

Many of my friends, Jessica, Chad, Heather, Tonya, Tara and Twitter with my own poll and my friend Sarah’s Tweet.



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