Tyler Sell’s Visual Rhetoric



  1. Although I did not live through the birth of our great nation and the people associated with making our country great, these pictures still hold great value to me because of what they stand for and for what each of them represent. These pictures are a representation of the great people and the extraordinary events that took place in our countries history. Each representation shows a significant piece in the history of the birth of the United States of America. Now, there are two other pictures that seem to be out of place, and those pictures are of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. One of these two people will be the next president of the great country that we can see displayed in the other pictures. One might ask, How did we go from such a powerful, wise and brilliant leader such as George Washington to these two candidates who have ben labeled a “liar and threat threat to our nation” and a “racist pig who disrespects women”? Our Country was set up on Christian Values that these two candidate do not possess in any way shape or form. Ten out of the twelve pictures give me pride in our country because they represent the struggles that our founding fathers experienced due to their determination to create “one nation under God, Indivisible, with freedom and justice for all. The other two pictures of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump actually saddens me that the people of this country have become so blind to what was pure and great about our countries birth that they would pick these two people to run for the most powerful position n in the world. I am filled with warm feelings and patriotism when I see the picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware or when I see the signers of the declaration of Independence praying together and asking God for guidance in their decisions as the form a new union. When I Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, all I can think is these two people represent everything that is wrong with our country. The worst part is that I have to vote for one of them in less than a month. All this pictures that ten chose to put into this collage is supported by the three principles of vital rhetoric. The first principle is supported by the fact that all the pictures are pervasive and relevant to each other. The second principle is prevalent because the images  cause positive or negative feelings associate toward the birth and the current position of our country. The third and final principle can be seen because they all have some form of emotional context behind them.
  2. All the pictures that were chosen create a visual experience that could be determined differently depending on who is looking at this collage. One of my peers may interpret the pictures differently than I had intended when I created this visual piece when they look at this piece of art work. Some of the images may elicit more emotions or more of a response from a person than some of the other pictures. Ten of the twelve pictures are supposed to cause a feeling of patriotism, and the pictures of the presidential candidates  are supposed to cause feelings of shame, but as before mentioned this could be different for each viewer.
  3. The general tone from a lot of these pictures is positive, this can be seen through the picture of George Washington Crossing the Delaware River. He is seen as powerful and extremely patriotic in this this picture and the tone is positive because we correlate patriotism with positivity. The General Tone could also be considered negative because some would say that the presidential candidates ruin all the positivity associate with the other pictures. On the other hand the pictures of the candidates could be negative or positive depending on who you like as a politician, or could be neural if you do not care about politics. Basic elements and technical features play a large role in how a person will interpret a picture. For example, the angle of the a picture can influence how a person sees the picture or if a picture is edited and altered will do this as well.
  4. The target audience for these pictures would be someone who loves the rich history of our country and is grossly involved in politics. I would say this these pictures would be considered non-discriminatory because whether people of the United states like it or not politics is a large part of their life and the fate of this election in November will have an impact on them in some form. There is no form of voyeur tendencies in these pictures because there is nothing to gain sexual gratification from.
  5. In my opinion I would say that all the pictures are primary. I would also say that these pictures are culture specific because it is about our current presidential election and the history of our nation. These pictures help me to form enthymematic responses by allowing for interpretation of the message because the premise of these picture is not explicitly stated.
  6. Currently the pictures are arranged in a way that allows the viewer to see what out country was like at it’s conception, and then allows the reader to see the horror of American politics through the presidential candidates. If the pictures were sequenced differently this could change the meaning of the entire display. For example, if the pictures of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton were onto of the historical pictures then the message portrayed could possibly be interpreted as that these presidential candidates are vital to keeping our country the way it was at it conception in 1776.
  7. The organization or the individual credited with the photograph has a large impact on the the message of the pictures. For example, if someone who took the picture of Donald Trump made him look stupid because he likes Hilary will have a large impact on how people view Donald. In the same way, the picture of Washington crossing the Delaware resides in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Because the picture is in a museum it is automatically considered credible.
  8. All the pictures together form this idea of the United States. Because most of them are correlated with positivity and patriotism, the picture of Hilary and Trump evoke negative feelings and influence my reaction to the pictures of them in a negative way because they are the complete opposite of the other pictures presented.